Basmalah Africa Abacha (Nigeria Dry Abacha Shredded Cassava)

Basmalah Africa Abacha, Nigeria Dry Abacha Shredded Cassava, African Salad, Africa Food Grocery

🟠 ABACHA is a delicious west African food that is native to the ndi Igbo (people of Igbo)

🟠 CASSAVA FOOD: Abacha is thinly sliced cooked cassava that has been dried

🟠 APPETIZER FOOD: Abacha is mostly eaten in between meals as a snack, but it can be a full meal served with dry fish or ponmo (cow skin)

🟠 USES: main ingredient in African Salad. It can be eaten with coconuts, roasted groundnuts and cashew nuts

🟠 RIGHT QUANTITY: Buy one pack or two packs for bigger meals.


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