Kittely, African Dried kettely (Pea Eggplants, African Egg Plant, Gnangnan Nsuasua)

Kittely, African Dried kettely, Pea Eggplants, African Egg Plant, Gnangnan Nsuasua, kittetley, African Food Grocery

🟠 Kittely dried, just soak 30 minutes before cooking. Cook delicious African food dishes like Liberian pepper torbogee.

🟠 Kittely can be fried, baked and used in stews.

🟠 Kittely is a very small cherry tomato size eggplant; the Kittley eggplant is an important medicinal food for many West African cultures.

🟠 Other names: Pea Aubergine, Gnangnan, Gboma, Nsusua


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