RECIPE OF THE DAY: Tanzanian Mandazi

Tanzanian Mandazi (Buns) (Photo Credit: By Aliya Leekong)

One of my earliest cooking memories was when I asked my aunt to teach me how to make Mandazi also known as the Swahili Bun. I think I was about 8 or 9 years old, and I was very serious about learning how to do these. For some reason, we wouldn’t make these delectable little donuts at home. I got to eat them when I traveled to see my family, and only the old school grandmas and aunties knew the secret. Of course, East African restaurants were pretty much nonexistent in Florida where I grew up (not that I can find any now that serve these in NYC…I’m just saying). So I felt I had to carry on the tradition!

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Tanzanian Mandazi (Buns) (Photo Credit: By Aliya Leekong)
Tanzanian Mandazi (Buns) (Photo Credit: By Aliya Leekong)

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