13 Afrocentric Wedding Cake Ideas African Vibes Recipes

13 Afrocentric Wedding Cake Ideas

From shiny dresses to smiling faces, once the vows are over, everyone starts looking forward to the cake. This is a brief summary of a typical African wedding. In the past, wedding cakes were made without much thought. The shapes were the same with little or no decoration besides the white icing cover. Today, that has changed. African-themed wedding cakes are crawling up all the corners of the Internet. These masterpieces are adding glamor to the wedding. Therefore, we present to you 13 Afrocentric wedding cakes that’ll leave you in awe.

#1. Zulu wedding cake

Traditional Wedding Cake with Zulu Shields – Clipkulture
Three-tier Zulu white and brown wedding cake with Zulu shields (Photo credit: clipkulture.com)

This three-tier Zulu wedding cake is everything a Zulu bride could ask for. Its simplicity and elegance are something to die for. The fondant shield means protection that the husband will provide for his beloved bride till eternity. On the other hand, the pot symbolizes the instrument the wife will use to cook meals for her family.

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#2. Venda wedding cakes

3-tier Venda Traditional Wedding Cake – Clipkulture
Multicolored Venda three-tier wedding cake (Photo credit: clipkulture.com)

The Venda community is famous for popping colors. Their wedding cakes are no exception. This three-tier wedding cake portrays the Venda culture of colors. Women in the Venda community usually wear garments that are embroidered with beads. The garments are mainly worn around the chest or waist, depending on the woman’s stage. The Venda community gets this inspiration from their flag.

#3. Kiondo themed wedding cake

kiondo themed wedding cake
Kiondo and calabash themed rustic wedding cake (Photo credit: pinimg.com)

A Kikuyu home is not complete without a “kiondo and Kiihuri”, neither is a Kikuyu wedding. The “kiondo”, rather known as a basket, symbolizes the basket the woman will use to carry food and other items when she goes to the market. The two-half calabash (gourd) symbolizes the traditional spoon the bride will use to scoop soup or serve porridge for her husband and children.

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#4. Red and cream habesha cake

Red and Cream Habesha Wedding Cake – Clipkulture
Red and cream Habesha wedding cake with fondant crown at the top (Photo credit: clipkulture.com)

Don’t you love this red and cream habesha cake? This cake is perfect for a habesha couple. The gown-like fondant and hat on the cake symbolize the “Kaba”, a traditional gown worn by the groom during the traditional wedding ceremony, also known as Telosh. The Kaba on this cake means that the man is the head of the family and should be respected.

#5. Nigerian wedding cake

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2016: Two Wedding Hashtags, Illustrations, Brave Grooms & More – LoveweddingsNG
Chizoba and Nnamdi wedding cake (Photo credit: loveweddingsng.com)

The pride of every Nigerian man is in his wife. That’s why we see Nigerian women in beautiful outfits. As a married Nigerian woman, it is your role to represent your husband well. We can see this too well in this marvelous wedding cake. The cake is molded into a jewelry box, a calabash, and a platter of fruits. The jewelry box has clothes and beautiful jewelry for the woman to adorn herself. The calabash symbolizes the traditional gourd the woman should use to serve her husband the traditional drink. Lastly, the plate of fruits symbolizes the healthy fruits the husband and the kids should eat.

#6. Sotho wedding cake

Sotho Traditional Wedding Cake – Clipkulture
Sotho traditional wedding cake with a hat on top (Photo credit: clipkulture.com)

African countries value their culture and do their best to maintain it for generations. This Sotho cake clearly shows us that. It depicts the couple’s love for their country’s tradition. The white and blue colors represent the Lesotho flag. Also, the hat known as mohotlo represents unity. In this case, we can say it symbolizes the unification of two couples coming together to build a family.

#7. Umutsima Rwanda cake

Delytwined : Event Planning: Rwandan Traditional Wedding
Brown and white Omutsima Rwandan cake (Photo credit: delytwined.com)

The Rwanda traditional cake also known as Omutsima is not your usual cake. This cake was prepared during the gusaba ceremony (meaning to ask for the bride’s hand in marriage). The cake is made from cornflour and cassava. It can either be made plain or unsweetened. However, what stood out the most was the fondant flower decorations.

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#8. Ndebele wedding cake

The Ndebele Traditional Wedding Cake - CakeCentral.com
A wedding cake representing a Ndebele family setting (Photo credit: cakecentral.com)

Pictures speak a thousand words. This wedding cake represents the Ndebele homestead with two huts. On the first hut, we can see a homestead full of poultry, from chicken, sheep to cows. The second homestead shows us two elderly couples sitting down enjoying each other’s company. This cake portrays the family and homesteads the couple is going to build together.

#9. Samburu wedding cake

Samburu Traditional Wedding. Evelyn Weds Sammy - YouTube
Samburu traditional wedding cake (Photo credit: Youtube.com)

The Samburu community is a sub-tribe of the Maasai. They are best known for their colorful attires, beading culture, traditional lifestyle, and religious beliefs. The gourd cakes represent how the woman will store and ferment milk for her family. Obviously, pulling off such a lavish design is not a small feat.

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#10. Kwanjula cake

9 Kwanjula Ceremony ideas | traditional marriage, ceremony, wedding ceremony traditions
Beautiful Kwanjula cake (Photo credit: classiccateringuganda.com)

Kwanjula is the Baganda introduction ceremony where the bride introduces the bridegroom and his relatives to her family. As it is known, cakes are a must-have in any wedding ceremony in Uganda. This cake is designed like a pot covered with banana leaves and placed on top of three stones. It symbolizes the bride’s readiness to take on her responsibilities in the home.

#11. Xhosa traditional wedding cake

Xhosa black and white wedding cake (Photo credit: mzansiweddings.co.za)
Xhosa black and white wedding cake (Photo credit: mzansiweddings.co.za)

Every African community has a unique culture and tradition. For the Xhosa people of South Africa, it is a black and white outfit. Men and women wear these outfits during formal and informal occasions. This cake represents an “Idaki”. Idaki is a dress that the bride wears around her husband’s relatives once she is married. She is also to wear a shawl and a thick scarf around her waist. The shawl symbolizes the qualities of nurturing and protection expected from her.

#12. Shweshwe wedding cakes

Three tier shweshwe Mr & Mrs wedding cake
Shweshwe print wedding cake with feathers ( Photo credit: clipkulture.com)

The shweshwe print has been there since time immemorial. It is a traditional clothing you will find men and women wearing during special occasions such as weddings, national festivities, and traditional ceremonies. Additionally, the name shweshwe came about from the rustling sound that the fabric makes when you try to wear it.

#13. Three-tier Egyptian cake

Three- tier Egyptian wedding cake
Pharaoh and his queen ready to rule the world (Photo credit: flickr.com)

Egypt is a country that has a rich culture, and history dating back to thousands of years ago. One culture that everyone knows about is the Pharaonic culture. This three-tier cake presents the Pharaonic culture. Also, the fondant king and queen show us that this couple will unite and rule the world like Ramsees and his queen Nefertari.

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A wedding, whether modern or traditional, is not complete without a cake. The wedding symbolizes good luck to the couple and also the guests. The cake cutting is also an important step as it marks the couple’s first task together. Regardless of the community you come from, you can always have an African-themed cake that will represent your culture. Which of the cakes stood out for you? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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